Wedding Agreement Bab 23 Wattpad

Wedding Agreement Bab 23 Wattpad

The rest is in the new marriage agreement kk… 😊 It`s over for cerbungnya mbak version, for more details are published in the Novel Wedding Agreement alhamdulilah has been published, please contact the author 🙂 . . Abigail Sues stands in front of a mirror and judges her own look. After being satisfied, he came out of the room. After a rather late lunch, She rests when she wakes up, Gabe tells her to get ready because she goes to the mall to buy clothes. Gabe was waiting for him right outside the door of his room. When he saw Abigail, the man smiled and greeted her. “A little pleasure, boys shouldn`t cry. All right! Abigail said she was trying to calm the little man with her words.

Unfortunately, his efforts have failed. Little Joy cries and continues to complain that Abigail doesn`t leave her. When Abigail saw the tears, she was touched. She took Little Joy out of her baby box, then walked out of the bedroom into the living room where Gabe was waiting for her. I read until chapter 24 b.Is the last? “If you ask me if what the woman said is true or not, I will say that is absolutely true. For now, Abigail is not pregnant with my son, the second, even if she is not pregnant with my son, I promised him in front of everyone that I would marry him. Third, can you leave this place, because for now, I want to dine with my future wife and not be disturbed,” Gabe said firmly. It`s a good novel.

But chapter 21 is not bs in frankly yes. “Oh my God, this little guy never got me out of here. Look, he laughs every time I talk to him. Abigail looked at the little baby with an incredulous look, and a few moments later an idea came to his mind. Abigail put the bottle of milk she was holding, then she looked at the little baby and said. I can`t wait to see what`s next… Wanting to make his novel kakkk Hari has already shown up at 8pm, but the little man was hesitant to sleep. Of course, because he woke up at 6am this afternoon and doesn`t let him sleep anymore. Gabe came to pick her up, but Abigail himself couldn`t escape the baby. Adera Tan, the baby`s father, did not believe in his son`s behavior. She was ashamed and had to apologize several times to Abigail.

Please check again mbk I benerkan Link :). Feed it with porridge, drink milk, change diapers until bathed. All these things make the mother and the son attachment between Abigail and Joy Tan so close that every time Abigail goes home, the little man certainly does not want to cry, does not want to let go. Sometimes Abigail is forced to stay longer to make the little man sleep so he can walk easily. And as is the case today. Good story, thank you. Especially the first 👍👍 arrived at the mall, Gabe really made her promise. He took Abigail from one store to another and bought a lot of items from those places. Yet he didn`t pay at all for it. All he did was put the items he took on the list to be paid for by his friends, except Dominic.

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