Ford Leasing Agreements

Ford Leasing Agreements

It`s just a business user. Model as an illustration. The example excludes VAT and is based on unmaintained agreements of 48 months over 20,000 km per year. Vehicles must be returned in good condition and within the agreed mileage, or else other costs. The goods remain the property of the owner. Only at participating dealers. The conditions apply. Ford Lease is supplied by Merrion Fleet Management Limited, commercially called Ford Lease, CRO IE317799, 15/16 Holly Avenue, Stillorgan Business Park, Co.Dublin, A94 XA72. Funding is subject to credit authorization. Ford Lease is a lease and you will not own the vehicle at the end of the contract. Ford Lease is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company and is used under license from Merrion Fleet Management Limited in relation to this agreement. Ford Lease should be sent immediately to 0344 600 1406 or email If you think you will have problems with paying your monthly rent, You must immediately use Ford`s rental on 0344 600 1406 or email to changes of miles can be made if necessary on certain rental products, but not within the first 6 months of your contract. For more information, please contact your Ford dealer who can help.

Free replacement vehicle up to 48 hours in the event of a breakdown in which the AA will participate if the vehicle cannot be repaired An ideal solution if you have an existing fleet, but want to take advantage of the immediate benefits of the “overnight” contract rent. We simply buy your existing fleet and lease it back to you on a loan basis. In this way, valuable capital will be freed up for reinvestment in your business and fixed-cost engines will be made available until vehicles are replaced. Your fixed monthly rent depends on paragraph 1: Ford Lease One CallA fast and easy to manage your vehicles while they are on the go. Drivers can simply dial the single call number and choose the appropriate option, 365 days a year: – Additional costs may be incurred depending on mileage and fitness. Restrictions apply. Contract planningIn case of changes to your initial business requirements, we can change the duration and mileage to meet your needs. Early settlementIf you wish to return the vehicle earlier than the agreed date, the contract can be terminated with the payment of 50% of the unpaid rents, provided that at least 12 months after the conclusion of the agreement is concluded. Excess mileageIf you have two or more Ford car rental vehicles on contract rent, then our pooled mileage facility could be useful, so you can offset excess mileage on one vehicle with a “vehicle less than miles” on another contract. No no.

Rents are set for the duration of your lease. If you are interested, then take a new contract and collect the latest model . . . Your dealer can discuss your requirements for your new car and provide you with a new offer for Ford Personal Contract Hire. . Ford Lease Rental Solutions Access to Ford Auto and utility vehicles rent at very competitive prices with an excellent level of after-sales service, so you need additional vehicles quickly. . All Ford Lease rentals are deducted by debit.

You pay a pre-rent followed by fixed monthly rents and return the vehicle to Ford Lease at the end of your agreement. You may be able to settle your contract at an early stage, but it depends on your type of lease. Please contact your Ford dealer to discuss this. They usually pay 3 rents in advance, followed by fixed monthly rents. Tire Repair and Replacement (excluding upgrades and winter tires) At the end of the agreement, you return the vehicle to Ford Lease-a VAT-registered company to recover all or part of the VAT component of the monthly rent If you opt for a Ford Lease maintenance plan, there is no need to take care of the maintenance management of the vehicle; We`re going to worry about you.

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