Student Resources

Student Resources

Prepare for Class…Prepare for Life

SmartPhones and other “onscreen” technologies give you access to literally a world of information.  The problem for all of us is how to best use this new resource and the printed word of God to serve Him and our neighbors as scripture reveals.

Our mission is to provide a simple three-question approach to class preparation while taking advantage of the resources available to all of us.

First a little understanding of our available resources:

  • Some have a bible app on a smartphone or other “onscreen” device
  • Almost everyone has access to a printed Bible (WiFi or Data plan not required)
    • The Bible you already have
    • ESV Study Bible

Here is the idea…

  1. You will be given the next week’s topic and text at the end of each class
  2. You will use your printed Bible or Bible app to study the material
  3. You will be encouraged to share your thoughts with your classmates on the “Class Blog”
  4. You will then answer the questions for 3 levels of thinking about the lesson
    1. Remembering the Facts
      1. Who are the characters, facts and location?
    2. Understanding the situation
      1. What was the situation in your own words?
    3. Applying the lesson to your life
      1. How can you use this lesson to strengthen your personal ministry?
  5. You can print and write them on the paper study guide  
  6. Bring your lesson prep to class and join in the discussion

That would be it…